Things I Don’t Like (Idea from Sofia)

*These are some of the things I hate, thank you Sofia*

Not being invited to things, eating cheetos until your tongue is raw, waking up at six in the morning, not getting that extra five minutes of sleep, drawing a nice picture and then thinking you can colour and ruining pure beauty with a yellow marker that has black on the tip, that peeing stand off in the girls bathroom when there’s another girl in there waiting for you to pee first and your waiting for her to pee first and putting a strain on your pelvic muscles, when people tell me to stop calling dogs doggos or puppers, memes not being appreciated, memes that are too appreciated, people who abuse dogs, people who watch people abuse dogs and do nothing, waking up in the middle of the night because of an earthquake and thinking there’s an intruder in the house and not being able to get up to go pee, the basement, the locked door my old step dad never told me to go into, my old step dad, people who think yelling “Purple” at me is really going to make me feel anything, people who touch my hair without my permission, kids asking me to convince their parents to let them dye their hair, parents, shoes that make my feet sweaty, when I can smell my own feet, when I smell bad, when other people smell bad, people who say they take a shower every two days, people with naturally platinum blonde hair and do nothing with it, hair clumps, hair clumps in the drain, clogged drains, cleaning my mothers bathroom, cleaning in general, butter chicken, people who call me picky cause meat isn’t one of my favourite foods, getting hit in the face, objects accidentally hitting me in the face, the standard to not fart in public, laughing so hard that you accidentally fart, people who call out your farts, people who make a big deal about your farts, people who cannot handle periods, cramps, law homework, people who don’t do jack-diddly-shit in class and wonder why they are failing, people who think they are better than average looking people, ┬ápeople who have no sense of humour, Death Grips, people with Death Grips tattoos (I’m being passive aggressive don’t mind me), people who wear white jeans and white shirts at the same time, choosing a gluten-free lifestyle, being ugly, sweating, baby weight, thigh gaps, guys who say “eatin’ the booty like groceries” in an un-ironic way, Cynthia, Felicia, Brian (Sorry not sorry), people who aren’t educated in vaginas (This includes periods, virginity, and HOW STRETCHING ISN’T A THING YOU CLOD!), girls who are mean for no reason, girls, getting blood taken, peeing in a cup and peeing on your hands instead, people who cry and look good, make up, boys who expect girls to wear make up, guys who make fun of other guys for wearing make up, teachers who talk down to me, people who don’t listen and ruin my statistics for my entire psychology project, Trump, when people walk too slow, when people always have to be right, teachers who get mad at me for writing in all upper case letters, people who say “I’m not being mean, I’m just brutally honest”, girls who call other girls hoes, people who tell me to work out, people who tell me they know how my back pain feels, people who tell me to smell their finger, grocery shopping, I don’t know if I wrote butter chicken but butter god damn chicken EW!

But yeah, that’s some stuff I hate.



Chapter 3:

The darkness has consumed me. Shrouded in the embrace of the black path. The emptiness in my stomach slowly began to go away, the feeling of loneliness and lack of bravery disappeared. I felt warmer, I felt safe… Eyes feeling less sore, my body what was once in major pain is now minor.

The words still stuck to my mind like tough meat to a bone. Where did the voice come from? Throughout my entire journey into this abyss, I’ve been hearing muffled voices. It wasn’t always silent, but the clearest voice I heard was that “I hope you never wake up” comment.

I shut my eyes tight, rubbing them with my hands. Frustrated with the fact that I had no idea why I heard it. My fingers clawed from my eyebrows down to my eyelids then to my cheeks, making my eyes droop forcefully. Letting go, I blinked a couple times.

I could smell old person smell and clean tile floors. The light pierced through my retinas and I could see something. Not something completely clear but it was at least something with a little brightness to it. Looked like the sun was way too close to my face within reaching distance. My left arm slowly rose up in an attempt to slide my index finger up and down it, but the challenge was more easily said then done. For me… I could really see too well, and most of my body was still numb. Like the feeling when you are aware… Kind of… But you can’t move your body too well or sometimes you can’t move at all.

I rubbed my eyes once more to try and see if it would take me back to the darkness, the light was too bright on my eyes. But… I guess there was no going back at this point in time. Maybe I’ll go back to the rail yard, Christmas would be the best to go down there.

“Oh you have come back to us.” An unfamiliar yet joyous voice spoke to me.

I turned my head slowly to try and see who it was. Maybe if I squinted my eyes really hard I’ll be able to see her.

“Don’t go back to sleep Ms. Gail! I’ll call the doctor just stay awake for a bit longer.” She instructed me.

“M’ not even asleep.” I mumbled.

I rubbed my eyes a little bit more, still blurry but I could make out the shapes and colours. She was an African woman in a baby pink outfit, probably scrubs since the pink went down her neck to her feet.

A high pitch noise went off in my ears, like a whistle to a dog. It bothered me. I could not raise my arms any more to block the screeching out, so I laid there just taking it like a baby.

“Ugh…” I grunted to myself.

The clicking and clacking of shoes shuffled quickly down the hallway, seeming to stop only at my door. Two pairs of feet began to walk in slowly stopping at the foot of my bed. Slowly but surely I began to put the pieces together, the solid coloured outfits, old people smell and an uncomfortable gown type clothing garment where my butt hung out… I’m guessing I am in a hospital.

“You have been here for a week and a half, we are surprised you woke up this early.” The male doctor commented.

I began to tune them out, not really sure why. I would have paid more attention if I could see their faces, I can’t really tell what’s happening or what is real any more.

Remembering the dark rail road tracks in Vancouver felt way too real to just be… A dream or whatever it was, hallucination maybe? Whatever it was I could remember it in great detail; I could touch, smell and feel the elements.

“I am your doctor. We had to remove glass from your face and break your arm back into place.” The doctor continued.

He talked and talked, myself only catching little points in the conversation that I didn’t care for much.

I looked down at my left arm, my eyes focusing on the crook of my arm. A needle hooked all the was up to a clear water filled sack dribbling into my body. I felt an urge to just rip it out of my arm, the needle made me nervous. Reaching over slowly with my right arm I began to take the tape off slowly, the tape leaving a gross sticky film behind and ripping some hair with it.

“Gail just leave the needle alone.” The doctor instructed me.

I ripped the tape off a little faster making my bed and the IV stand shake slightly. The doctor removed my hands gently from my arm and planted it by my side.

“Don’t touch that.” He demanded.

The nurse left the room after whispering a couple words to the doctor. The doctor looking a bit stressed out from the incident that almost happened, he helped me sit up.

“We are calling in your family, your friends can come see you when you are all there.” He explained.

I remained silent but just nodding my head slightly. Once the doctor got the answer he wanted he laid me back down and began to leave the room.

“Now leave your arm alone until I return with more news.” He requested.

I didn’t want my family seeing me, I especially did not want to see my family either. Not being able to comprehend things just makes me feel irritated and frustrated.





Chapter 2:

My body was never built for the cold. Chills pass through me as if my inner being, my soul, was leaving my body to a limp shivering meat sack. Rail road tracks was what I was laying on, horizontally so my head was cocked back in an uncomfortable state from the metal rail. It was a deep midnight blue sky slightly ruined with ugly harsh yellow beams tainting the starry night sky.

Getting up…my body felt extremely sore, and touching my skin felt foreign. It felt like my body was bruised but I just could not see the black and blue patches. Pain was mostly on my right side, and my head. My eyes felt the most tender of all, they were watery like there was pollen in the air. The unexplained pain left me with an empty bottomless feeling in my gut, mysterious and unsettling.

This area looked familiar to me. It’s Vancouver, you can tell because of the beautiful lit up globe that I’ve come to know very well through elementary school trips to science world, it’s a beautiful sight to see. But, I wasn’t by Science world at all, it was much darker and less amazing. I was in a rail yard.

Gravel earthy goodness under my shoes, disturbing the rock babies with any movement. I began to walk, and the wheels began to turn in my mind.

Catherine. She should not mean that much to me at all.

She wasn’t really worth keeping around was what my Grandmother would tell me. She told me my best friend was a manipulative bitch and she shouldn’t be speaking to me the way she does. Lately I’ve agreed, and it takes a lot for me to agree.

Catherine hasn’t been the best influence on me either, she drinks so much which is her choice entirely. But she’s dragged all her friends… Including me into her Thursday binge night. Where she let’s her hair down until she needs to vomit and I’m there hoisting her locks back up while choking back my own issues and vomit.

She’s a very beautiful young woman. Chocolate hair that reaches the middle of her back and a small yet curvy body. Just tall enough in heels to be a lingerie model for a big company like Victoria Secret or Lasenza. A pale caramel skin tone, brown eyes and a sharp tongue she doesn’t show on the exterior.

It’s hard being her friend. Not even too sure if we can even call each other that. She’s the teen with reckless abandon and no care in the world for anyone, sometimes not even herself. Catherine is careless because she’s gotten me into the habit of taking care of her, picking up the broken pieces she creates herself. Excepts me to help her at her lowest times.

It’s not a friendship, it’s like a loveless marriage that I am stuck in. Taught helplessness like the women in the 50’s were. Not human, no respect.

Slowly walking past the homeless sleeping uncomfortably in their sleeping bags, treading lightly so I do not disturb the peace that they get once in a blue moon.

My thin and almost sheer shirt was not doing the most amazing job of keeping the cold off my chest. My loose fleecy type pants kept my legs somewhat warm. But the occasional cold draft would run through my entire body making my small body quake in shivers and pain.

Looking ahead the train tracks seemed never ending, the harsh yellow street lights get dimmer and dimmer the more I walk ahead. The further I go, the less homeless people I see sleeping, less graffiti on the cement walls. The unsettling feeling in my stomach felt even more empty, and my heart began to burn.

The end… It was black.

It was just nothing, empty. It made me feel extremely nervous. The exact same feeling you got as a child running up the basement stairs after turning off the lights, because you thought there was a monster chasing you. The darkness makes it so much worse, it makes it awful because you can’t see what you need to conquer in the dark.

Pitch black, you cannot see what lies ahead of you.

“I hope you never wake up…”

The voice was all too farmilliar. It came from the abyss of nothingness lying ahead of me. Looking back on the journey I’ve gone through, I realized I could never go back.

I must move on.




Chapter One:

Nearly black out drunken girls like myself dancing to whatever song blasted into our poisoned brains. Friends I’ve known for too long, people I met that night, piling on top and between each other like a sweaty, sequin sandwich of drunk.

My best friend Catherine holding my shoulders, she the most deep empty look in her eyes.

“I think we should go…” She shouts over the loud music.

I nod at her and begin to walk out of the dance club, my legs become into noodles instantly after walking outside. The cold chilling breeze rushes past my body and into my torn black stockings.

“You’ve had a little too much Gail… Let’s get you home.” Catherine lectured me in a low but feminine voice, dragging out every ‘a’.

My eyes are forcing themselves shut. Catherine helps me into the car, she tries to pick my legs up and into the bottom of the car, one of my pumps fall off.

“Catherine… My shoe!” I whine.

She grabs my shoe and chucks it into the back seat. Catherine slowly making her way into the drivers side she slumps down into the seat and fires up the engine. The engine being a loud roaring noise that wasn’t pleasant for the ears, intoxicated or not.

“Don’t you think we should have called a friend? Catherine?” I mumbled.

“No, no… I’m good ’nuff to drive.” She argued.

I shrugged my shoulders and off we went. All the street lights over us shined through all the windows, shutting my eyes I could still see all the shades of colour the lights poured through the glass. Every street light, every stop light. It was a long way back to the hotel room.

I memorized the route from going out drinking at Kyle’s Night Club every night. Over the overpass, take a left, continue straight past the Korean Supermarket, a couple four way lights in between, and up the hill and into the suburb my parents live in. A spin around the cul de sac and I’m back to prison, or “my home”.

The drive home is always the worst. Before it was fun, more friends to be with Catherine and I. But a couple months ago everyone just didn’t want to come to drink night. Even the guys didn’t want to drink, or come with us. They said they need to stay sober for schooling. Drinking is for the weekend and all of that shit.

So it’s just been us. Catherine and the fabulously drunken Gail herself. A shameless open book. Every week, same time as always.

I open my eyes and we are passed the Supermarket. My eyes squint at the sight of fully blazing street lights, they sting.

“Gail…” Catherine grumbled.

“Yeah.. M’whats up?” I replied.

“I saw your phone earlier.”

“You went through my phone?”I replied.

“Yeah I went through your fucking phone, and you know what I found?”

I sat there silent, what could she have found? She knew everything about my life, nothing to hide. I’m an open god damn book.

“Answer me Gail!” She demanded.

“Oh… Well what did you find?” I said sarcastically.



“Filthy fucking dirt just like you!” She yelled.

The cars started honking behind us. She stepped on the gas as hard as she could. You could hear the tires screech against the pavement, black and grey smoke blow at the cars behind us.

“Talking to Danny again!”

Her boyfriend… Daniel. I hate it when she talks about him. He’s a great guy and all. But, I secretly hated when she called him “Danny” in that high pitched voice. She only uses that voice when she talked about him. She is extremely fake, plastic… Unrealistic when it came to “Danny”. Also I’ve been accused of talking to Daniel before, it’s… So god damn annoying. We’ve been friends since our fresh man year of high school. Daniel actually introduced me to Catherine, and I remember it vividly.

It was 2011, and I was new to the school we were going to. Daniel made friends with me after a couple days of me sitting alone, I guess he just felt bad and decided to stick the loner in his group of friends. Those friends who I’ve kept all this time up until now, senior year of high school. But most importantly Catherine. She was pretty for her age, like she didn’t know the meaning of an awkward phase. Other than the way she done up her face, we all agree she looked like a big of a Chav. When we met we just clicked… I could tell her the world and she kept it to herself. It was a beautiful friendship, I never imagined it getting like this.

Lately the relationship has became toxic. When I stopped listening to her problems she lashes out just like she’s doing now, I stopped fighting back. I just let her yell at me. A combination of Catherine and my mother, together they have taught me helplessness. Not able or wanting to fight back. It hurts, but the sooner that it is over the easier it is to move on.

“Gail I know you’ve had a thing for Danny for a long time, but it’s time that you let go of your feelings for him…”

“I don’t have feelings for Danny at all.” I said under my breath.

“Soon enough high school will end and Danny and I will move on away from you, maybe even get married.”

“Danny and I are frie-”

“The sooner you get away from us the better it will be.” She interrupted.

I stayed silent.

The car rumbled over the deadly silent vehicle, fog rising on the cold windows.

“I don’t think we should go out drinking any more Gail… I don’t think we should see each other at all.” Catherine replied softly but sternly.

My house was far. I hoped she didn’t ask me to get out and walk.

“Do you want to say anything? Anything at all?” She asked.

My throat felt like it was closing up. You’d think that if this happens all the time that I’d get used to it. You can always suppress fighting back, but one thing I can never get good at was holding in tears.

She stopped at another set of lights, three lanes and no one to race. Empty. Looking out the window, night walks with friends and family pets, never again. I could hear Catherine letting out a couple grunts, I still remained silent.

“When you get home, delete my phone number.” She requested.

I looked over to her and nodded without looking at her.

“That’s all I get? A nod?”

I rolled my head straight forward and shut my eyes once more. I fought to hold back my tears, I’ve been told many times in my life that crying won’t do anything. That crying was just dramatic and that everything wasn’t about me, that I wouldn’t get any attention if I cried or not. But when everything is stripped from you, and you have literally nothing left… Then what do you do?

Through my shut eyes I saw the lights turn green. Catherine floored it making me jolt forwards. I regained focus and looked out the passengers window to see a bright headlights blinding me, I tried to turn my head to scream at Catherine to stop but it was too late. I hear the window shattering and could feel them piercing my body for a split second.

That’s the last thing I remember, before it went black.


Writing 12: Self Reflection

“Writers see the world differently. Every voice we hear, every face we see, every hand we touch could become story fabric”.
– Buffy Andrews

I am a very visual person. I do not mean in an art kind of way. I mean, I see my characters when I write or when I plan. I hear their voices when they are excited, whining, screaming, whenever they open their mouths I hear them. I see their features in my head, I see their beauties and ugliness. How they carry themselves. I get all of these things from seeing these characters in real life. Sometimes even melding certain people together. Melding them together meaning I take one persons looks and I give them an entirely different personality from someone else, maybe a family from another person.

Every character, scene, and anything I write about is based off something I’ve seen, hear or held. It doesn’t make me original at all… But it gives me an idea to work with.

I took my main character Gail and based her looks off of two girls I don’t know on tumblr. I got her sweet, stressed, and strong personality off of best friend Caitlin. Her voice in my head would sound like my friend Madi’s voice. Her voice is like a tired but high tone. That’s how I imagine my main character. Getting those all visually, hand held or by hearing.


6 of my earliest memories, and the senses from two memories (combining day 1 and day 2 projects)

(Part 1) Early Memories

#1. I remember when I was five I had my first Halloween. My step dad was in the picture at this point in my life. I was dressed in an alligator costume during the day cause I wanted to be that. But then for trick-or-treating I changed into a black cat costume. I thought I was super original, years later I found out I was not. We also took our neighbours son who was four years old with us too cause his mom was too tired to take him out herself. His name was Moriztio (More-ritz-eeoo). He was a pirate with a hook. But he ended up throwing his hook hand over on someone’s lawn because he kept complaining about how sweaty his hand was. My mom was with us too, since she wanted to accompany us to the door; she was a very protective mother. And my dad drove the car. After every block we went to the car and dumped out our treats into a big brown box so we could collect more sweets.

My mother was in it to win it. She told us both a secret to Halloween. “This is the only time you are allowed to be greedy. So you will empty your bag every so often, they will think you just started your candy haul for the night. So they will give you a little extra”.

That night I probably took home more then 7 pounds of candy. My first and biggest haul of my life.

#2. My first day of elementary school has always been very clear to me. I remember what I wore and everything, right down to the Dora the Explorer velcro light up shoes. I was straight up thuggin’ in my t-shirt of a summer camp I never went to. The first day, I went and dropped off my stuff in my classroom. I wasn’t really worried about having friends at the time. I was more excited about watching kids fall off the monkey bars and go on the big kid swings. But I ended up getting pulled into a group of seventh graders. They all went on about how cute I was, and all that stuff I thought was lame at the time. Like, I knew I was cute. But I was aiming for the title “Bad Ass”. It was probably the shoes… Might have been my rosey-red cheeks. But they thought I was adorable. They ended up hanging out with me all day. I really don’t know why this happened. But at the end of the day they picked me up all together and were carrying me around. I said put me down but they didn’t listen. One thing led to another and I had fallen to the ground head first.

#3. The softball incident of the second grade. It was just me, Michelle and Racheal; all hanging out on the softball diamond. Just being stupid little kids and throwing a ball around, occasionally hitting the ball with a bat. All was well and good until some weird ass kid from fifth grade asked if he could play. I obviously said yes cause I was an amazing child, then he ended up pitching for us. He had a hard throw and it seemed like he had been practicing or training for a while. Michelle and Rachael had gone, and it was my turn. I told him to huck the ball at me as hard as he could. I was ready and standing in a weird position, he tried to reposition himself in a way that would make it awkward for me. It was a giant shuffle fest. He finally got frustrated and said.

“If you keep moving, I might hit you in the face with the ball”.

Me being a smart ass I just replied with, “Aaaah, c’mon it ain’t gonna be hittin me in the face”.

He shrugged and threw the ball… It hit me directly in the nose. Making me pass out, on the ground. I wasn’t bleeding. My two friends had gathered around me, and when I woke back up I had looked around to see this fifth grade baseball prodigy had fled the scene.

Since that day my nose has been kinda broken. Leaving a little hump on the bridge of my nose. I now have a bird nose, and it’s my fault for being an idiot.

#4. My first time swearing and getting into trouble. My family has tried for many years to filter out the swearing all my life. They don’t like it cause it seemed ugly for a little girl to say it. My mother and step-dad worked in the construction business for as long as I can remember, and I would obviously end up hearing more then just nice words in a stressful environment like that.

There was this one French guy that worked with us named Francis. I called him uncle Frank, he just talked to me like a normal intelligent person. No filter nothing. He never tried to censor himself like my parents did. He told me to speak as I please around him. I would, I swore and everything was all good and fine all that summer.

Going back to school in the second grade I was asked to present what I had done this summer. I told them about me helping out on the construction sight and about Francis. No filter, not a single warning I said.

“Francis had bad eyes and sometimes he would miss the would and nick his hand. That bastard of a hammer GOD DAMMIT!”.

I ended up getting a call home. Sitting down with Francis after school with my parents… He got a strike that day and I was grounded.

#5. My first time drinking. This isn’t a memory that was far into the past. But it was around seventh or eighth grade. I was at an asian party in the basement, while about 80 people were upstairs, my friend (changing name to protect the innocent) Kaylee were in the basement. She ran upstairs to get drinks and I ran up too to get food. I ended up in a dance circle almost like a mosh pit. Then I was asked to do karaoke in a language I could not read or speak. Once I finally got downstairs my friend had already went through one can by herself. Long story short I ended up playing mario wii by myself drinking warm coors light all night, got picked up at four in the morning and threw up on myself.

#6. The slingshot story. I was around the age of seven or six when this happened. I had eaten maybe five of those big jumbo pink freezies that day and they were sitting nicely in my stomach for a couple hours. Night fall hit and my parents at the time wanted to go to the rock creek faire in one town over to see the release of the new sling shot ride. We were there for probably an hour and we’ve watched this thing go up and down a billion times. I started to feel my stomach churn up and it was making me feel absolutely terrible. So the brightest idea I had was.

‘Maybe I should run around to get air on my face’.

So I ran around, and I fell over feeling even worse. I told my parents that I was basically dying and that I needed to go home.

My mom puts me on her lap and my step dad proceeds to drive us home. One thing led to another and we hit a speed bump that just made me projectile vomit all over my moms cadillac and her legs. My step dad and pulled into a bar parking lot and my mom held me so my face was near the ground and my feet were up by her shoulders. Then I just barfed… And barfed and barfed. I remember the color of it really well too. Bright pastel pink.. And me going home without a shirt on, we just kind of left it in the parking lot.

(Part 2) Senses

For the first one, I’ll go with the Sling Shot story. I remember the feeling went from excited to violently ill and fearful very quickly. All I tasted was ice cold vomit. The air was crisp and chilly, even though it was the summer. Hearing… I just heard my mom complaining about her vomit soaked clothes, people honking their car horns for us to quit letting me vomit in the parking lot and my step dad just pissing himself laughing. I remember seeing the slingshot ride, grass, then I just kinda closed my eyes and saw nothing cause I was too busy puking. I was really thinking about too much, just when it was gonna end.

It was a pretty terrible night.

For my second one, I guess I’ll go with the Asain party drinking story. I remember feeling extremely terrible for the entire night, even when I wasn’t drinking. Being over tired and not wanting to sleep through anything. My entire body felt empty, and I have no idea why cause I ate. I was thinking about sleep because I wanted to so bad but my body just wasn’t up for it in the state I was in. All I heard was the party upstairs and my friend snoring, also a loud ringing in my ears. My mouth taste like warm beer, it was awful. All I saw was a dark room with a tiny tv that I played games off of.

What my Novel is about

My novel consists of a couple characters coming together, not really knowing much about each other, having very weak friendships in the beginning. Then all coming together when they realize what they are up against. All gathering at Gail’s house in front of the woods and then becoming nosey around night fall. They go forth into the woods and discover the deep dark secrets that have yet to surface around the media, and have yet to be destroyed. Secrets some have been wondering about for years. Getting lost, splitting up, injuries and lack of faith; some pull the groups together to keep moving forward to find their way out alive. They learn about the lore of the forest, some even become bonded to the forest. Some even resort to the worst thing possible; something only someone messed up in the brain would do, or someone being very, very desperate.

Character Bio Worksheet

#1. Character: Gail
Age: 19
Occupation: College Student
Family Members/Significant Others: Jackie (Sister)
Personality Traits: Lonely, Imaginative, Caring
Character History: She has lived on the edge of town in the woods area for as far back as she can recall. Being home schooled for most of her life, while her sister when to public school. Her parents left when she was 16 to work on the opposite end of the world for money and they send money down to keep them afloat. She used the computer for schooling, didn’t go out much.
Highest Level of Education: Graduated High school with average grades and is in her first year of college.
Physical Traits: Light brown skin (Milky rich caramel colour), Long wavy brown hair that ends about mid-way down her back, eyes are a deep brown colour; wide and doe like, she’s short, an average build and an average weight, with a silver septum nostril piercing on the right side.
Biggest Motivator: To be closer to someone.
Biggest Fear: Being buried alive, left behind, not being able to see the end of something (Example: Not being able to see the bottom of the ocean).
Things Gail Likes: Being in her bedroom on her laptop, cold rainy days, sweater weather, alternative style and culture.
Things Gail Does Not Like: Yelling, uncomfortable situations, and judgemental people.
Where does Gail Live: She lives on the edge of town in a decently sized cabin, in front of the woods.
Music Gail Listens to: EDM when she’s studying, and whatever comes on the radio or whatever her friends suggest to her.
What does Gail like about Herself: She likes her appearance.
What Gail Doesn’t like about Herself: She doesn’t like how closed off she was as a kid. Also she doesn’t like the incident that happened with her sister when they were young.
Gail’s favourite childhood memory: When she went to summer camp.
Gail’s most traumatic memory: Watching her sister get abducted and not being able to do anything about it.
Gail’s most prized possession: Her laptop and phone.
Transportation: Usually a bus that loops from her house to the college. She has to walk a block or two to the bus stop but it doesn’t take all that long. The bus rides usually 10 minutes since the college is in the middle of town.
Gail’s favourite food: Cheese Pizza.
What is the most interesting thing about Gail: She has done a lot of travelling for school.
Gail’s voice: Soft, gentle, medium range, not that high.
5 words or less: Too quite and too cute.

#2. Character: Jonah
Age: 20
Occupation: Barrister, and College Student.
Family Members/Significant Others: Just his dad, no significant others but he has a small crush on Gail.
Personality Traits: Independent, Adventurous, Mysterious.
Character History: He grew up in the town over, and he moved to the current town everyone is living in to go to college. Alongside his college life he is a Barrister at a coffee shop close by. He works in the morning on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and the rest of his time he goes to school. Leaving the weekends to his own activities of choosing.
Highest Level of Education: Completed high school and one year of law under his belt.
Physical Traits: He’s a peachy-tan tone in skin colour, short black clean cut hair that’s quaffed over or in a bun at work. Eyes are a greyish blue colour; slightly slanted and smallish. He’s taller, built up slightly, and an average weight for his size, he has a strong jawline as well.
Biggest Motivator: He aspires to be like his dad, respectful and happy. But he doesn’t want to be in the place he is where he’s lazy, jobless and living off the government. He wants to be with someone by the time his college days end and support himself, his dad and his future girlfriend.
Biggest Fear: Not being some where of importance, he’s afraid of showing fear.
Things Jonah Likes: Hanging out with his friends, cat videos, and pretty girls.
Things Jonah Dislikes: Being told he can’t do something, showing fear, not accomplishing his goals.
Where does Jonah Live: He lives in the middle of town, near the college.
What Jonah listens to: He’s into My Chemical Romance and random stuff that plays in the little hipster coffee shop he works in. He knows the words but not the song names.
What Jonah likes about himself: He likes how determined he is.
What Jonah doesn’t like about himself: How little time he has to sit down and spend time with his father.
Jonah’s favourite childhood memory: Getting his first dog, naming it Jimmy.
Jonah’s worst/traumatic childhood memory: Knowing his mother passed away from cancer. Not seeing it, just knowing it happened.
Jonah’s most prized possession: The few family pictures he had of himself, mother and father all together being happy.
Transportation: Bus, or walking. He prefers to walk.
Jonah’s favourite food: The over priced coffee cakes he gets for free at work.
What’s the most interesting thing about Jonah: Very handy, also easy to work with in stressful situations. Full of ideas.
Jonah’s voice: Deep and bass-like, suave and charming to the ears.
5 words or less: Very charming and so smart.

#3. Character: Paulina
Age: 19
Occupation: High School Student (Held back)
Family Members/ Significant Others: Her mother, father, younger brother, and her small dog named Mo’dang.
Personality Traits: Rebellious, Forceful, Persuasive, Cowardly.
Character History: She grew up fairly well. Her family is middle class. Very popular in her public high school. She was kicked out of her first high school in grade 10 for doing things with another student that weren’t appropriate. She’s spray painted terrible things on the sides of the school, gotten into a lot of fights. That led to her being home schooled for a year, which she didn’t pass. In that year she has met Gail a couple times. Exchanging personal information and just keeping the messages very casual back and forth. She will be graduating high school this year by just the skin of her butt.
Highest Level of Education: Barely passed eleventh grade.
Physical Traits: Slender and flat, not much shape to her body at all. Her skin was white with bruises and scratch marks up and down her legs. Hair cut where ever she pleased, not professionally done; short. Her hair also was coloured with dyes over top of other dyes making an ugly dark purple-red colour that looked like rusty blood. Wearing mostly sweaters to keep her thin body warm, and leggings just cause they were comfortable. Her face was a little rough from lack of sleep. Dark bags under her eyes. Her eyes were a pretty hazel colour, with a tiny hint of gold to them. Her nose was thin but had a slight hump on it, lips were thin and colourless.
Biggest Motivator: Her biggest motivator is herself, she thinks she is the best version of herself she’s ever been.
Biggest Fear: Heights, and her father.
Things Paulina Likes: Late night walks by herself, or with her dog Mo’dang.
Things Paulina Dislikes: Her father.
Where does Paulina live: In her parents basement.
What Paulina listens to: Any type of metal she can get her hands on.
What Paulina likes about herself: How punk she looks, and her attitude towards the world. Her favourite saying “Everyone sucks”.
What Paulina doesn’t like about herself: Her name, she thinks it’s too preppy and girly.
Paulina’s favourite childhood memory: Going out to breakfast with her family on her tenth birthday and no one was fighting.
Paulina’s worst/traumatic childhood memory: When her little brother was born, and when her dad hit her for having a boy in the basement.
Paulina’s most prized possession: Her knife, to keep her safe.
Transportation: She walks or long boards places.
Paulina’s favourite food: Sushi
Most interesting thing about Paulina: She has been in more knife fights then fist fights.
Paulina’s voice: Sick sounding, talking through her nose, loud.
5 words or less: Doesn’t care at all.

Daily Write #2 (A,B,C Chart)

I had just got my job as a movie extra in the new Orange is the New Black season 4. I’m very excited for my job, and hadn’t slept the night before and my heart was thumping loud enough for my other cast members to hear it. My day started off fine until I started to feel sleepy, this was one of the only times when I felt the most awake; I don’t want to fall asleep right now.

And at that moment my entire body dropped to the floor. I heard Samira Wiley, the woman who was playing the role of Poussey in the bathroom stabbing scene we were about to do. Samira called out for help and that’s when I blacked out.

I’m not too sure how much time passed, or where I was. But I woke to see Ruby Rose helping some of the paramedics get all my medical information from my purse in the locker room. My head was being wrapped in a type of band or gauze. I just tried to stay as still as I could so I could go back to work quicker. A light shined in my eyes which made me blink a couple times to get used to the hot light.

“Looks like the bleeding isn’t stopping. Were going to have to take her in for some work… Maybe stitches.” The paramedics told the producers.

“Wait no… I’m all good guys.” I slurred my words, trying to get up.

They applied a little force to my shoulders to bring me back down.

“We need to put you on the stretcher Miss. Please stay still.”

I did what they told me as they hoisted me onto the stretcher.

“Narcoleptic are we? You should have informed your team, They sounded so stressed out over the phone.” The paramedics scolded me.

I laid in silence while they loaded me into the ambulance. They shut the doors behind me with an awfully beautiful female paramedic who slid an IV into my arm. She told me we’d be at the hospital soon.

The sirens went off. Down the street, and turned left. I memorized my way to the hospital since this has happened more then a handful of times.

An abrupt swerve around a couple cars. Then the worst happened.

We flipped, and tumbled and rolled into the side of a hotel. Half of the hotel being completely destroyed. The paramedic that was in the back with me had fallen over and broke one of her arms, screaming in pain. I couldn’t hear the two in the front seats. I quickly assumed they had passed on. Me… Just laying on the bed, bleeding through my bandages. Hoping someone else will come.

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